Works on arrangement of cast-in-situ sections commenced in the tunnel under railways of Warsaw direction

Works on arrangement of cast-in-situ sections, the main bearing part of the future structure, have been started in the tunnel located within Saint Petersburg at km 677 of Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway. 

As of today, 4 cast-in-situ sections out of 44 are completed, and 5 more sections are under construction.  

The tunnel being one of the most technically complex structures of M-11 Highway, Sections 7 & 8 is located within the boundaries of Saint Petersburg under the operated railways of Warsaw direction.  The tunnel is constructed using stage-by-stage method for arrangement of the invert, walls and tunnel crown out of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete.  As the cast-in-situ sections of the tunnel are arranged, the soil is removed from the embankment. In total, about 17,000 m3 of soil will be removed.   

The protective shield, a structure made of steel pipes from 52.8m to 66m in length each, was arranged at the first stage of construction.  The pipes were bored into the embankment under the railways with tunneling shields. 

All construction works are carried out without any limitations to railway traffic.  Geodetic monitoring of railway tracks deformation in the construction area is carried out on a permanent basis for provision of railway traffic safety.

Tunnel length is 74.9 m

Tunnel height is 5.52 m (clearance is 5.2m)

Number of traffic lanes is 6 pcs. (3 lanes for each direction).

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