Travel Rules

Before traveling, be sure to read the travel rules, and study the right of way contract

Travel Rules

The right of way contract is available here.

"Rules for organizing travel and toll collection for vehicles on toll sections of Moscow - St. Petersburg M11 Highway at km 543 - km 646 (Section 7), and km 646 - km 684 (Section 8)" can be found here.


  1. How much does it cost to travel along the M11 Highway?
    The toll depends on the length of the route, the category of the vehicle, the method of paying for travel (cash / card or transponder), as well as on the time of day (day / night), and day of the week (weekdays / weekends, holidays, and pre-holidays).
  2. What category does my car belong to?
    Vehicle classification is carried out on the basis of Order no. 1751-r dated September 9, 2015 by the Government of the Russian Federation. Vehicle categories are determined using a measuring system: when entering M11 Highway, sensors record the number of axles and the height of your vehicle, and according to these data, cars are classified from the 1st up to the 4th category.
  3. What payment methods are there?
    You can pay for travel in cash, by credit card (Mir, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electron), contactless means of payment (phone, smart-watch, and other gadgets with NFC). You can also pay toll with any transponder (T-pass, WHSD, 15-58, Main Road). Transponders allow you to drive on specially designated lanes without stopping, as well as receive discounts on tolling up to 40%.
  4. Why should I pay toll?
    Use of the highway is carried out on a toll basis in accordance with the Order no. 1066-r dated June 9, 2015 by the Government of the Russian Federation. The road user pays for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the road.
  5. What is the toll payment procedure?
    At the entrance you need to get a travel ticket (coupon) and at the exit give it to the cashier for payment. When paying for travel with a transponder at the entrance, the fact of entry (zero passage) is recorded, at the exit there is an automatic toll travel. Please use the transponder lanes! 
    !!! NB: if you have a transponder, but entered the highway with a ticket, at the exit from the toll section you drove through, select the lane with payment to the cashier, and show him/ her both the ticket and the transponder.
  6. Are the payments in the daytime and at night the same?
    No, there are day and night rates. The tariffs can be found here.
  7. What to do if the car breaks down or an RTA occurs?
    Call 24/7 technical support at * 2323, and tell us about what happened. Try to move to a rest area or a technical area. 
    !!! Never stay in your car if it breaks down in the traffic lane or an emergency stop lane. Go behind the guardrail!
  8. Where are the fuel stations?
    Fuel stations on M11 Highway operate at km 665, 584, 480, 404, 327, and 240. Some of them accept bank cards only.
  9. Where are the rest areas?
    Rest areas on the 684–208 km section are located at km 665, 657, 643, 623, 604, 584, 563, 542, 480, 437, 419, 404, 327, 281, 262, 240, and 219.