Safety Rules

Please, wear your seat belt.

Wearing your seat belt decreases your risk of being injured in a traffic accident. According to the statistics, more than 40% of injuries in traffic accidents occur due to the fact that the seat belts are not fastened.

Please, do not use your cell phone or other devices which distract your attention while you’re driving.

Collisions with oncoming vehicles, running over obstacles or standing vehicles usually take place when the drivers are not paying attention.

Please, observe the speed limit.

The permissible speed on M11 Highway is 110 km/h; however, the maximum permissible speed may be decreased if the weather conditions become worse. Always check the speed limit indicated on variable message signs. Approximately 50% of traffic accidents on M11 are connected with speeding violations.

Avoid drinking alcohol, taking narcotics or medications that make you sleepy.

Probably, it is obvious that driving while intoxicated is very dangerous. You should avoid taking medicines that reduce your concentration level and make you sleepy. Besides, you may lose your driver’s license or be dismissed from your job for driving while intoxicated.

Please, plan your route along M11. Make stops only at designated places.

You must not stop on the highway, as it may be deadly both for other traffic participants and for you. If your vehicle broke down, dial the number *2323 and call the Accident Assistant. He/she will arrange the fencing of your standing vehicle, and after that it will be safe for you to take other steps. Try to avoid stopping at service platforms along the highway, where a car standing alone could attract the attention of criminals. Specialized rest areas with toilets and places to relax are arranged every 20 km of M11. Stopping at these areas is the safest option!

Please, reduce your speed at U-turns, exits, and entries to/from rest areas.

A lot of traffic accidents on highways occur when drivers fail to reduce speed at the right time while leaving the highway. Make sure that you reduce speed only on the designated speed-change lanes.

Please, observe the safety clearance on the highway.

The car in front of you may suddenly brake, hit an obstacle or a standing vehicle. You must always have an opportunity to reduce speed safely.

Please, pay attention to the weather conditions.

If the weather conditions become worse, you must be more careful.  The risk of traffic accidents becomes much higher in cases of impaired visibility, wet highway surface, and rapid temperature changes.

Make sure that you sleep and rest as much as necessary.

The absence of settlements and crossroads is one of the advantages of M11 Highway. It is possible to drive at the same speed without worrying about violating the speed limit. However, such monotonous movement is relaxing and could make you sleepy. A lot of traffic accidents on M11 take place because the drivers do not get sufficient sleep and rest. When you feel tired or sleepy, you should stop at the nearest rest area, take a break, exercise, or take a nap. If you try to save time by not resting enough, it may have drastic consequences for other traffic participants and for you.