Ready to go: M11 Section 7 Paved – Road from Tosno to Myasnoy Bor to Open in August

M11 Highway’s Section 7 has been completely paved with asphalt concrete in three layers with a total thickness of 27 cm. This week, we will install guardrails, lighting poles, and road marking. In mid-August, the first cars will travel along the new highway from Tosno to Myasnoy Bor and further on towards Moscow.

Section 7 is a 103.4-km road starting at M11 Highway’s km 543 at Myasniy Bor and ending at km 646 at Tosno. Toll plazas are at the beginning and end of the section. At this section, a total of 7.6 million square meters of asphalt were laid, 49,869 cubic meters of concrete were used, and 12.8 million cubic meters of sand were delivered.

On 06 June 2018, Two Capitals Highway launched traffic at M11 Highway’s Section 6 stretching from Veliky Novgorod to Vyshny Volochek and opened the Myasnoy Bor toll plaza as part of Section 7 construction. TP12 is at Highway’s km 545 at the interchange with the Rossiya M10 motor road.

Two Capitals Highway is engaged in construction of Sections 7 and 8 of the M11 Highway (with the total length of 137 km), acting under a concession agreement.


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