Explore the features of M11 highway

U-turns at Sections 7&8 are: towards Moscow at km 576, 601, 624, and 656; towards Petersburg at km 574, 598, 619, and 656. 

M11 Highway has a closed type toll collection system. When entering a toll section, the user must take a ticket at the toll plaza located in the travel direction. Travel is paid at the exit toll collection point based on the data on the place and time of entry to the toll section contained in the ticket.

Top up your transponder

Calculate the toll for your route. Rates differ depending on the day of the week (weekdays / weekends / holidays), and time of day (day / night).

Top up the transponder with the required amount in advance. If you have a T-pass transponder, the transfer of funds may be delayed; funds are usually transferred to the WHSD transponder immediately.

Turn on the interoperability function

Check in the personal account of your transponder if the interoperability function is enabled if your transponder is not T-pass. New WHSD transponders, for example, are automatically connected to this function, on older versions you will have to enable it manually.

If you have T-pass, Main Road, M11: 15-58 transponders, and are going to drive along the WHSD in St. Petersburg, then be sure to check that this function is enabled.

Calculate the required fuel

Calculate the travel time and the required amount of fuel. We recommend refueling before starting your journey. On km 666 of St. Petersburg, there is the Gazpromneft’s stationary gas station in both directions, where you can also drink coffee and have a snack. Container fuel stations are located at km 584 (Gazpromneft). Available are AI-95 gasoline and diesel fuel.

In an emergency, stock up on a small can of fuel.

On M11 Highway, fuel stations are mirrored on both sides of the road on average every 100 km, at km 665, 584, 480, 423, 327, 258, 240, 125, 87, 70 (only towards St. Petersburg), and 63 (only towards Moscow). Fuel stations on the highway are of two types: container ones, and conventional stationary ones. Stationary ones are called MFZ, a multifunctional zone, you can find this abbreviation on maps. Each Multifunctional Zone has a café, toilets, and rest areas. Multifunctional Zones are located at km 665, 423, and 258.

Plan your rest

M11 Highway, on average, has rest areas every 20 km. Use them more often! Our road is perfectly flat, and unfortunately it can be lulling if you are tired. Rest every 2 hours for at least 15 minutes. 

Rest Areas on the 684–208 km section are located at km 665, 657, 643, 623, 584, 563, 542, 480, 437, 419, 404, 327, 281, 262, 240, and 219.

Prepare yourself for unforeseen situations

Take a thermos with hot tea, a snack, and warm clothes (even in summer!) with you in case of breakage.

Record the phone number of the accident assistant: *2323.

In any situation on the road, the Accident Assistant's Service will help you solve the problem free of charge. To do this, you just need to call the hotline * 390.
Call the Accident Assistants’ Service in the following cases:

  • motor stalled
  • flat tire
  • you ran out of fuel
  • you felt bad while driving
  • you witnessed an accident
  • you yourself had an accident.

If there is no connection - do not panic: the cars of Accident Assistants constantly patrol the road, and they will not pass by!


If you see on the way a vehicle with a special emblem of the Accident Assistants’ Service and the corresponding identification marks, or a person in a reflective vest, slow down and, if possible, skip on the road. Remember, the accident assistant is there for your safety and convenience!

Two Capitals Highway wishes you a comfortable journey!