Traffic at Section 7 is 500 thousand cars

In September and October of 2019, over half a million vehicles passed along M-11 Highway’s Section 7. Approximately 60% of them are light vehicles. Approximately 70% of drivers used transponders to pay for the passage, which helps significantly cut the costs.

After opening the Highway’s Section 7,  the number of passages along M-11 Highway towards St. Petersburg from the bypass of Torzhokin Tver Regions, to the so-called “Leningradskaya Betonka” has increased by a little more than one-third (35%). Traffic along that Section started on September 3rd, current year.

Section 7 of Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway (from km 543 to km 646) passes through the Novgorod Region and Leningrad Region away from settlements. A part of the Highway, 103 kilometers long, starts at the intersection of M-11 Highway and M-10 Rossiya Federal Public Highway nearby Myasnoy Bor Village, the Novgorod Region, and ends not far from Tosno, the Leningrad Region, at the intersection of M-11 Highway and A-120 Highway Saint Petersburg Southern Semi-Ring (the said Leningradskaya Betonka)

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