M11 Sections of Two Capitals Highway Ready for Frost and Snowfall

During preparations for the winter season, Two Capitals Highway LLC, which maintains M11 Highway from km 546 to km 684, prepared 13.2 thousand tons of deicing agents. The operation services monitor the condition of the road surface around the clock, patrolling the highway and relying on the readings of automatic weather stations (AWS). These stations are located directly on the highway and provide real-time operational information about weather conditions at their respective locations, as well as about the presence of ice coating in the area.

The climate of St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod Regions, where the sections of Two Capitals Highway are located, is characterized by frequent temperature drops and heavy precipitation. This contributes to the formation of ice, which is unacceptable on highways. Therefore, the use of reagents is a mandatory step to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The operation services carefully monitor that the deicing agents comply with environmental standards and requirements. To that end, each purchased batch has a data sheet and certificates, and additionally, it undergoes a mandatory laboratory analysis for compliance with GOST. 3 bases for deicing agents storage were built on the 138-kilometer section of the highway. They are located next to M11 Highway interchanges with A-120 Highway (at km 650) and M10 Highway (at km 547), as well as at km 596 in the direction of St. Petersburg. This placement allows to take quick measures in case of deteriorating weather conditions.

The highway operator OSA Severo-Zapad uses modern trunk-line combined road vehicles ARCTIC MACHINE mounted on MAN and Mercedes-Benz vehicles to treat the carriageway and clear the snow. They are equipped with distributors of deicing materials, as well as front and side snowblades for snow removal. Moreover, all combined road vehicles have front and side automated brushes for cleaning guardrails and reflectors on them. To deal with sudden breakdowns, a reserve of spare parts for attachable equipment has been formed, which is stored at maintenance bases along the Highway. For compliance with environmental standards, 4 deposit areas were built along the Highway sections to receive the snow cleared from the Highway carriageway.

There is an established process of interaction between all services operating around the clock, so the consequences of bad weather will not catch the Highway users on the wrong foot.   The operator of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) analyzes the data received from all emergency operation services, including the Traffic Safety Inspectors, and coordinates their work. If necessary, the TMC operators on duty use variable message signs and boards to display a warning for drivers and give recommendations regarding the speed limit.

Since October 1, machinery teams have been on duty around the clock on a specially approved route, removing the snow and providing the deicing treatment. Such a schedule enables the immediate cleaning the road at any time of the day if required.


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