White Nights Help Preserve the Environment on M11 Highway

The white night season in St. Petersburg is officially over. It lasts from June 11 through July 2, and the peak of white nights is between June 21 and 22: on the day of summer solstice, the sky in the Northern Capital gets dark only for a few hours. Due to this climatic event and the implementation of special energy efficiency measures, Two Capitals Highway LLC managed to save 300,000 kWh in June 2021 – it is enough to provide electricity for the residents of a nine-storey four-section apartment building for a month!

At night, M11 Highway section km 545-684 is lit along its entire length. However, in order to ensure the rational power consumption and safety on the highway at nighttime, Two Capitals Highway installed high-sensitive sensors that register the upcoming dusk and turn on the lighting automatically only at places where it is actually necessary.

On average, the lighting and operation of the section from km 545 to km 684 of M11 Highway requires around 1.5 mln kWh (according to the data from 2020). The amount of consumed power is successfully reduced in June: in 2020, this value slightly exceeded 1 mln kWh, and in 2021 it was just 700,000 kWh! To compare: in May 2020, approximately 1.4 mln kWh were required, in May 2021 – nearly 1 mln kWh.

“The Equipment, Systems and Operation Department of Two Capitals Highway constantly works towards energy saving at the sections serviced by our company. For example, we use only LED fixtures that have a long lifespan and are less toxic, which means they are not harmful for the environment. In addition, we have introduced the so-called temperature maps in all our buildings:  the heating and cooling devices turn on according to the schedule and the temperature conditions. The purpose of these measures is to use the electricity rationally and to avoid overheating the premises rarely occupied by people. We believe that reducing the power consumption is the right step for the business in terms of ecological issues”, noted the Chief Executive Officer of Two Capitals Highway LLC, Aleksey Nikiforov.

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