Winter Season Ends on M11 - 20 Times More Snow Taken away than Last Year

The snowy winter of 2020/2021 forced the road workers to work hard - the section of M11 Highway stretching from St. Petersburg to Myasnoy Bor, which is operated by Two Capitals Highway, was cleared of more than 15 thousand cubic meters of snow, which could fill about 750 dump trucks.

The snow collected at M11 is stored at special areas along the route, while melt water enters the local treatment facilities first and does not harm the environment.

To perform winter service, Operator of High-Speed Highways. North-West had prepared more than 2 thousand tons of sand-salt mixture, but the winter was a record for precipitation: a year ago, 20 times less snow was taken away! So in 2020/2021, 7.5 thousand tons of sand-salt mixture had to be spent. The snowiest days were February 21, 22, and 23 as within these days almost 3 thousand cubic meters of snow were removed. On busy days, the machinery was operating for 16-18 hours.

138 km of the toll road was cleared by 25 machinery units and there were 56 workers per shift on average. During the winter, the special machinery drove more than 230 thousand km, ensuring high-quality cleaning of the toll highway even on the snowiest days.

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