In 2020, accident rate on M11 halved

During the year of operation at M11 Highway’s Section from km 546 to km 684, safety level on the Toll Highway has increased noticeably. For 2020, the accident rate halved, from 7.2 accidents per 100,000 vehicles in January to 3.5 per 100,000 vehicles in October. For comparison, in St. Petersburg the average number of accidents is 191 per 100 thousand vehicles, while in Leningrad Region it is 283 per 100 thousand vehicles.

It was possible to improve the safety indicators at the section managed by Two Capitals Highway, thanks to the coordinated work of the Traffic Management Center’s operators and accident assistants, as well as implementation of safety campaigns. For example, during the fall, there was an action dedicated to rest on the go for truck drivers, held in the Novgorod Region jointly with the traffic police. In the event of an accident or breakdown on M11, accident assistants arrive within 15 minutes. From January to November 2020, they helped 434 drivers who were involved in an accident and 1,744 drivers whose vehicles broke down.

"M11 is a safe highway constructed and operated according to the highest standards. The Concession Agreement gave us the opportunity to adopt best practices from international experience and provide drivers with all the services they need to get to their destinations faster and safer. Collisions in opposite directions on the road are practically eliminated, because they are separated by a 4-meter safety lane. A 2-meter high wire mesh fencing was installed to prevent wild animals from getting onto the road, and 17 animal passages were installed along the 138-kilometer stretch. The track is illuminated, which is extremely important for safety. It is serviced round the clock by a highly qualified operating team," explains Anton Novikov, Chief Executive Officer of Two Capitals Highway.

The most common types of accidents on M11 Highway from month to month is hitting an obstacle (usually a guardrail, and occasionally a barrier at a toll booth). So, in January 2020 there were 36 accidents, including 1 "rollover", 3 collisions with a standing vehicle, 7 collisions with an obstacle and 25 run over an obstacle. As a rule, drivers get tired, fall asleep on the go, and crash into a guardrail. That is why it is recommended to rest every 2 hours with a light warm-up on the rest area. The second cause of an accident is lack of attention: drivers are distracted by gadgets - texting, photographing the road, or even watching movies.

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