Traffic limitation at Vitebskiy Avenue

The traffic will be limited due to onset of installation of reinforced concrete beams for superstructures of the overpass located on the main route of Moscow - St. Petersburg M-11 Highway above Vitebskiy Avenue.

The traffic will be limited from 00.30 to 06.00 am in the period from 17 to 26 July. During the indicated period the traffic through Vitebskiy Avenue from Peterburgskoye Highway to Pushkinskaya Street will be completely closed. Within the same period of time there will be traffic limitation on the section of Vitebskiy Avenue adjacent to Puskinskaya Street (Shushary Settlement) and on Peterburgskoye Highway aligned with Vitebskiy Avenue (Pushkin Town).

Overpass above Vitebskiy Avenue is one of 14 overpasses located on the main route of Section 8 of M-11 Highway (km 646 - km 684 of the Highway). 34.2 km long Highway section will run through Tosnenskiy District of Leningrad Region close to Yam-Izhora and Voyskorovo residential areas. In Saint Petersburg, the Highway will run through Moskovskiy and Pushkinskiy Districts.

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