New Section of Moscow – St. Petersburg M11 Highway: Over Half a Million Cars for One Month

Over 468,000 car users have driven through the Highway’s new section at km 543—km 646 for just one month.

On average, some 14,000 vehicles per day were passing through the section. These mostly included passenger cars (61 percent). Notably, traffic intensity at the section for the first three years from Myasnoy Bor to Tosno is estimated to reach about 26 thousand vehicles per day. The traffic will expectedly increase upon commissioning Section 8 to facilitate direct passage from Moscow to St. Petersburg, not taking into account the Tver bypass.

Almost 65% of drivers used a transponder to pay for their passage, so they are regular toll road users. The transponder enables you not to stop when driving through a toll plaza, and allows receiving up to 40% discounts when driving through several sections in a row. Avtodor Toll Roads – the new sales and maintenance center – is at km 646 right after crossing the toll plaza in the Moscow direction. All car users travelling on the Highway can buy or rent a T-pass transponder, personify an existing device, activate the interoperability service, or replenish their personal account.

The new M-11 section, which runs through Novgorod and Leningrad Regions, opened on 03 September 2019. Currently, M11 operating sections stretch for about 570 km: from km 15 to km 149 to Tver and from km 208 to km 646 in the Tosno District near Saint Petersburg. Throughout the entire length, the Highway has no intersections at the same level while the maximum permitted speed is 110-130 km/h.

Section 7 crosses 12 rivers and 10 brooks. It comprises 39 engineering structures, including 14 bridges and 25 overpasses. Animal migration routes are equipped with wildlife crossings isolated from the Highway with noise protection screens. Section 7 also provides driver rest areas each 20 km – by five rest areas on both sides of the Highway.

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