Two Capitals Highway operates infrastructure and facilities that help improve everyday life, increasing your mobility and opening new opportunities for everyone. We are focused on high standards in all areas of our activities, are in constant dialog with stakeholders and are ready for comprehensive cooperation.

In connection with the specifics of its activity, "Two Capitals Highway" LLC deals with two categories of consumers:

We strive to interact with our customers and other stakeholders in compliance with high standards of health and safety, quality of service, environment protection, code of conduct, and sustainability. In this regard, the "Two Capitals Highway" undertakes the obligations listed below.

High operation and service standards.

Comply with ethical principles

Provide work based on the following principles:

Environment protection

Close attention to health and safety

Providing development opportunities

The senior management of Two Capitals Highway guarantees that this Policy is communicated to each employee, and also undertakes to implement and maintain this Policy in all structural units and activities of the Company.